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Recent content by Alittleacorn

  1. Alittleacorn

    Ninja Theory new game "Hellblade"

    Looks pretty badass with that trailer and that new character [it's really reminding me all the Ninja Theory titles watching it]. I'm really curious to see how it'll turn out and where they go with it.
  2. Alittleacorn

    DmC might get a next gen remake? "DmC: Devil may Cry Ultimate"

    A PS4/XboxOne remake? That'd be nice I guess. The framerate was dicky on the PS3. It'll probably be like a HD enhance thing like the new Tomb Raider got on next gen, minor changes.
  3. Alittleacorn

    Capcom can be bought now.

    I don't know how to really feel about it, but if it means some of their old titles come back then I'm cool on that. I friggin miss Clock Tower and Dino Crisis, and Mega Man needs some love too. They've just done NOTHING with those titles for years. And E3 was terrible, they didn't have even a...
  4. Alittleacorn

    Dino Crisis Reboot?

    I admit for the time it came out the graphics on those cgi cutscenes were beautiful, but...yeah dinosaurs in space is silly. They should've set it on a planet, and had the original cast in too. But even then the gameplay wasn't that great compared to the first two games.
  5. Alittleacorn

    [email protected] Europe

    New games? I wonder if one of them is an Enslaved sequel T_T an acorn would love that. A DmC sequel? Well you know how the song goes.
  6. Alittleacorn

    So I worked on DmC...

    Playing as a younger Dante got scrapped!? Oh man that would've been so cool! T_T *internally screaming at how awesome that reads* Yes it would've been cool! I'm sad it never happened, it sounds like a really great idea. I do like the idea of not all the angels being nice and getting to see...
  7. Alittleacorn

    DmC 2 Officially Announced

    *looks at title* DmC 2 Officially Announced *looks at date* April 1st -.-...ain't fooling me mister.
  8. Alittleacorn

    Do you think DMC 2015 is still happening?

    Aw... Here, have a muffin :P
  9. Alittleacorn

    Do you think DMC 2015 is still happening?

    Shmoo <3 ...I miss anything good? o.o
  10. Alittleacorn

    Do you think DMC 2015 is still happening?

    Oh no no, see that's where yooou're wrong. Mission 13 of what you just mentioned was merely a complete dream sequence...in the acorn throwing comic, that never got published >_>;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
  11. Alittleacorn

    Neo Dante's outfit

    Um... Step 1: Buy a shirt Step 2: Cut holes in yo shirt Step 3: Tie pretty red ribbons around yo shirt and hands Step 4: Walk walk, fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy! :eek::kiss: But yeah, there's probably tight fitting shirts like that, or thermals...kinda stretchy, but meh.
  12. Alittleacorn

    Do you think DMC 2015 is still happening?

    I call a bluff on that Random you big fat liar, because Capcom already signed a deal with ME! That's right, mine's a DLC about throwing acorns at Vergil while he's sleeping >_> it's officially called: Vergil's Downfall...Off The Side Of The Bed. :cool: Go ask Capcom, they'll give you...
  13. Alittleacorn

    Do you think DMC 2015 is still happening?

    Not sure really. It could go anywhere at this point. They could wind up doing DMC5, and then they could wind up doing something with a DmC2, or just making a completely new reboot/remake entirely. I don't see anything coming out in 2015 though, no way.
  14. Alittleacorn

    What are you sick of?

    :'( Not having a job...
  15. Alittleacorn

    What Are You Listening To?

    I'm listening to this song while I'm writing a one-shot on the walking dead game season 2 [To cope with waiting on episode 2. Every hour waiting is just pure torture! T_T]