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Recent content by 788Masri

  1. 788Masri

    [email protected] Europe

    A man can dream, a man can dream.... lets just hope they took my spam attacks asking for DmC2 seriously....
  2. 788Masri

    Mundus could have been stronger?

    sorry if someones already mentioned this: I think the problem with the Mundus fight was that he turned into this big abomination with coordinated easy to read attacks. we see that his human form is capable of incredible speed. if we kept something like that and eventually lead onto the giant...
  3. 788Masri

    With Dante being' half-demon & angel...

    Vergils logic is not that much different than Mundus's. They both see it as their right, because they are strong and we are weak. While Vergil justified his rule as him being the guide for humanity, he was selling the exact same product as Mundus with a different name. That may not have been his...
  4. 788Masri

    About Demon-Dodge

    Last second dodge, it'll take a while to get used to but it helps
  5. 788Masri

    With Dante being' half-demon & angel...

    Empathy isn't a human only asset. If anything his lack of humanity is all the better to his character. he literally has no humanity in him beyond what he creates, he has no obligation to humans nor to protect them. It's why Vergil makes such a compelling argument. Humans are weak and powerless...
  6. 788Masri

    Dmc dante vs DMC3 vergil

    Vergil wins because he has fully mastered his demonic side, while DmC Dante has yet to master either his demonic, angelic or nephilimite abilities.
  7. 788Masri

    song in 2010 trailer

    I think thats the one. I can't find that song anywhere no matter where I look.
  8. 788Masri

    song in 2010 trailer

    I need all the sound tracks from the trailers. Like, there's one I need from a certain trailer but god knows I can't find it. The only lyrics I could hear over the combat was "Ebony and Ivory".
  9. 788Masri

    DmC Inspired Clothing

    I find when it comes down to the gloves its sometimes worth to just cut the fingers off some cheap leather ones (you can stitch them back on after if youd like) or knit a pair myself. Thats right Im a man who can knits because its manly damn it regardless, cool jacket. Im definitely jealous :P
  10. 788Masri

    Character Analysis : Vergil is a Sociopath

    That is A definition of insanity. Others include when you write on the walls muttering to yourself as the voices in your head scream at you. Or when you have no regard for human life and have no qualms with murder. Vergil isnt misguided he is insane.
  11. 788Masri

    Character Analysis : Vergil is a Sociopath

    I didnt say he enjoys killing, I said human life means nothing to him. It made no difference to him if Lady lived or died. that being said he DID want lady to die and ordered Arkham to do it several times, even turning on him when he didn't. Plus im pretty sure when he raised temini gru he...
  12. 788Masri

    DmC prank call

    Ok this needs to be a regular thing. Like I want more of this happening all the time.
  13. 788Masri

    Character Analysis : Vergil is a Sociopath

    Both Vergils share a lot in common with each other. Right down the fact that they are both deeply troubled people, that share many many illnesses. That both stem from very similar issues. DMC Vergil is insane, flat out insane. No arguing no maybe no possibly. THE MAN IS INSANE! He treats all...
  14. 788Masri

    DmC Inspired Clothing

    the reason they didnt go back for her was because like all great artists her brutal death would have sent sales of her mechandise sky rocketing. ok now for serious: This is why Mundus's plan was not that bad at all. He thought that Vergil was a human, with wants love desires etc. So as such...
  15. 788Masri

    What if Eva was a badass like Sparda was?!

    Nah, I think hollow Vergil was just trying to turn Vergil against everyone who ever cared for him. The reason Eva tried to get him to stop was because in his mind he still saw her as the staple of morality. He knew she loved him, he just couldn't accept it because hollow Vergil played his loss...