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If after my job I had no issue with my time maybe I can work on my projects but also I have net problem which I only use my phone data for days so don't worry about that, the most important thing I try enjoy my time or surf the web for funny things.
WWE is cutting out talent left and right. They must be thinking of selling to someone else.
Same. Ric Flair was one thing but Bray? I hope he finds better work in AEW. CM Punk is already signed on.
I stopped caring for WWE and wrestling as a whole by 2008/9. The McMhan family are assholes. Especially Vince.
TBH I can't remember much about what even happened in the WWE in 2008/9 except the associated Smackdown Vs Raw videogame had a slammin' soundtrack and I still go back to listen to it every now and then. But yeah, the McMahons were always assholes.
I'm big dumb dumb, I was searching for God Eater Resurrection and in the end I discover it's bundled up with GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst.
Yep, and that offer stands till 2050 something, since that's when the world ended in that universe. :p
I probably compress or change my works size by following @Nyx style in his works I mean less heavy mod on your PC space and so you can now save your space.
Dark Prince
I'm now start testing it and give my feedback.
Dark Prince
Sad news the way I used and I tried is kinda simple but doesn't save your PC but instead it will make your cleaner if know the texmod codes for each textures.
Dark Prince
Maybe I don't know compressing knowledge for saving your PC :( but I'm now in possession less junk in my works and know how code them and use one duplicate as a code for my job :cool: so I probably clean my code for each work or checking them for small possible bugs.
EA business practices aside is anyone excited for Dead Space remake?
Mwhaahahah.. @Lain @BrawlMan okay, okay, i dunno why, but i like this attitude.
This comment thread exploded, and it's great. Also,
@absolitude because EA killed Dead Space in the first place. Being excited about them bringing it back is like getting a puppy from your ex after they poisoned your last dog.
@Morgan damn, it does sound like it when you put it that way..
I guess I'm out of touch with other modders which means I'm no longer accepted here with my limited knowledge or I can't find anything that interests me sadly and I lost my power as a person that this for break or even having fun with photoshop now time leave everything behind.
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You don't have to decide to quit today. Quitting has a permanent meaning. Just take a break.
V's patron
I don't think you're out of touch with the other modders. I think you just joined the forum at the wrong time. So maybe seek out other forums?
Dark Prince
Hi, thank you for your kind words, I was lost myself because my skills are weak in design but when it comes in collaboration or using ready materials or someone help me in a job my weakness (also this apply in real life at any job you think you're weak) will be temporary gone (not for long but I also must help as a person in collaborations with my limited knowledge as possible) or in gaming need a doppelganger.
Here is an update from my work and the code for this work I chose is "golden wind" because I was listening to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure song in my mobile library:
Dark Prince
And I must say the original work belongs to @Nyx, I just did some little retouch but I will improve it by time.
God I was so excited that I could upload 2 edited version skins from @Nyx and @GoodGoneBad now I lost both of them but I still have @GoodGoneBad file but I lost @Nyx version.....but that doesn't mean I will not stop my work here, I will back to my work in my free time with better version.

Stay safe everyone.
Dark Prince
Time to create something new with @Nyx EX Vergil skins, wish me luck.
Ok everything is fine for me as an user that my original Gmail account server is on US but more importantly I have proof that DMC Peak of Combat is free on Play Store (for now as early access) but I think after first release we must pay for it but hope they don't do that with region lock problem I can't redeem any gift cards or buy any thing from Play Store.
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Just a heads-up that from June 30-July 8, I won't be around. We'll be moving in the next couple of days, and unfortunately no internet until then. I hope everyone on the forums stays safe and happy. :) See you all later!
V's patron
Have a safe trip.
Remember to get salt and bread! (Dunno if it's a tradition known in your country)
Sparda's rejected son
Good luck and see ya when you return.
MCU catching some strays lately, haha! "Can’t think of another superhero that isn’t in costume or CGI. Worked damn hard on my diet and exercise for the Hulk. Wasn’t going to let anyone down. The hulk was my hero as a kid as well. #hulkseries #oghulk #nocgiinvolved #dietandexercise #louferrigno #dontmakemeangry". Tell em, Lou!
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“I still hunt out the good sh#t because I don’t want to be in Black Widow,” the True Detective actor [Stephen Dorff] told [UK's Independent]. “It looks like garbage to me, like a bad video game. I’m embarrassed for Scarlett! I’m sure she got paid five, seven million bucks, but I’m embarrassed for her. I don’t want to be in those movies.”
I know in pandemic finding a good job is a bit hard then before but when I started my first job for a photography studio for the first week everything was fine before pandemic rich high level and make people close their stores by that time so that was my luck until now but I still love that job but I now applied to a new job that kinda fun and focus on my current skills from photoshop.
May Mido rest in peace, and may luck be on Sophia's side as she runs the Cathedral of Shadows.
Asking here cause Google can't seem to give me a straight answer.
If I order something off Amazon and it comes from another country (from Germany to Canada). Would I have to pay any more then what Amazon identified as the total on the invoice?
Had a seller message me about possible further import fees and taxes
Dark Drakan
There can be import charges added on by the delivery company in some cases. We ship from UK to EU and some customers are now charged an import tax on top of the value of the order. Also in the UK if we order from US we are also charged a fee on top of what we paid. It differs from country to country and depends where its being sent from and to.


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