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Hey LoD! Apologies - I'm only now seeing your donation from the 16th! I don't know how it slipped by me until now. Thank you for the cracking donation and I will try and make sure that this issue gets nipped in the bud, pronto!
Hi Steve, new forum design is very chic! Cheers! :D
Hi Meg! Apologies for the tardiness! Very much appreciated! Special thanks to the community for crowd funding the updates over the years!
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Too much power for me to see too many active staff at same time, am I drunk or forum is too much powerful.
cat wow GIF
When all of our power is combined we can create a special attack that can wipe out the universe. But we tend not to all be on at the same time because we sort of like the universe.
Dark Prince
When universe is about to destroy by all in one power of staffs (please don't take it serious but this update is great):
Just 4 members managed to push us to hit the server fees goal for this period so thank you to everyone who donated and those who continue to do so.
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Slowly coming back to modding by installing some of my games (I don't mean all of them this time), I talked to one of my old friends and I guess I must install what I like and force myself play old games (like update them with mods or download their dlcs that missing from console versions), this time I will play what I like and enjoy my free time no more boring time.
Updated 3 variant of Bury The Light according to official lyrics I gave them some meaning in term of literature (I mean Bridge, Chorus and Verse something like this) I replaced them with placeholder sign《◇◇◇◇◇》.
man...my mind getting old, I must get used to new photoshop tools and I miss my old tools for creation of 3d maps now for good training after setting up my PC I start with Vergil Wesker as a good challenge.
PC update: I updated my windows 8.1 to 10 pro and have backup from everything so it takes time to back previous point but I will soon back to work on modding in my free time and I probably do a clean install on my laptop too I mean for fixing bugs.
@Angel's cat when she's sweet starts to vibes to some random dude (why I sticked to cat memes, I questioned myself :ROFL:):
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Ievan polkka! Proud to be a Finn
Dark Prince
This meme or song must become a national anthem in the meme community for your country :unsure: (not your country anthem I talk about the meme itself on humor) and about this man I guess I learned how your people :ROFL: speak (no insult) but love the meme (y).
Dark Prince
@therogis I also dig the net or play store about pop cat that you mentioned *click* and this made me wonder more about the meme itself :unsure: and guess what I find.......your country blows up the server of a simple meme :ROFL: clicker and you deserve some strawberries for your life as Finn (y).
in case you guys haven't know already, check out DUCKSTATION for psx emulation. It's really good and simple.
@Angel's cat face reveal, she's baaad baby...bad, according to local news this baby misbehaved at sight of her mother (It's a joke & the pic almost identical to real breed):
DCEU is definitely falling off, here. How do you spend 185M on a movie's budget and 100M+ on marketing, and still make less than a movie that flopped in the beginning of the pandemic? /facepalm
I don't know. Pure idiocy?

I still love the movie and can't wait to get it on blu ray.
It's a shame they wanted to eat their cake and have it with kinda-sorta-maybe-notreally-but-perhaps connecting it to David Ayer's Suicide Squad and trying to capitalize off the casting for SOME characters while not reprising others. It's like they don't remember the last time someone made a sequel to a movie Will Smith was in but elected to not have him in said sequel.


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