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Does anyone have DmC SoundRip, please? I lost it
Dark Prince
Thanks, but I need that one archive with everything
Dark Prince
DmC Bouns Soundtrack
Hopefully this playlists give you better options (again sorry for not finding better then this or complete playlist for Downfall :confused:).

Enjoy :coffee:.
Never let yourself be distracted from the fact Vergil's Hell on Earth is literally Megidolaon in DMC5 SE
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A nostalgic project but good ;) now here is good part I give you people 2 names for Kat so I can base her design on name you chose, for Vergil & Dante :sneaky:......you will see soon.
Edit: I guess I must drop the bomb :cool: "Bloody Truth & Be Killed Again" have fun on YouTube.
Dark Prince
Gonna drop the bomb :confused:.........it's Chaos Legion :cautious:, a 2003 Capcom game and I want work it project based on this game (Characters), now from above what character fit Kat and for Dante & Vergil they have their own character skins.
Siela would be good because she's a non-combatant, but Arcia has a design not too dissimilar from Kat's so it's easier to work with.
My progress on DmC: I'm still trying do some decent job then I want try something new, I want improve my code for tpf files and remove some unnecessary files (the game files are can help automatically no need add to them), this can help decrease a little bit of mods files and I don't know how long this process take but please look forward for it.
Dark Prince
As I expected I cleaned my code and made a little progress but on other hand I made good progress on 2 main files for DMC 5 skins and cleaned the junk files which resulted in decreasing files size :love:.
If any artist has knowledge in photoshop or modding (people who do editing jobs and do modding as hobby), I want useful tutorials that can good for my normal editing or my daily jobs or give my service to people and lastly my hobby that I don't take it serious but I want do some improvement one day.
》Please Share your playlist if you have already even one video is helpful ;).
Depends on what you're looking for really, Phlearn on youtube is a bunch of knowledge when it comes to photo editing stuff.
If you're looking for something specific, I might now some other sites, would have to look up the names though.
I managed to create HD textures (somehow...:unsure:) but DmC loading time for tpf files takes to long so I must work on loading I mean create lite HD textures to decrease loading time.
You want my POWER :cautious:...then here is the good news I finally started getting back to my hobby :love:...yes you heard that right, in my free times if I'm not busy I do DmC modding.

Should I update my laptop to 11 or just wait (just give me your honest opinions no personal reasons if it can prevent future bugs or you had a bad experience)?
Always wait before adopting a new version of Windows.
Daaaaamn I look so good for my brother wedding :geek:, I went to a barber shop and asked him give me a villain haircut (not an ordinary villain :ROFL:) and I steal this haircut :sneaky: (natural hair without anything):
You're going as Colin Farrell for your brother's wedding?
Dark Prince
I like his hair style and...I know it's Hollywood so I only adapted the style, with having good hair style I mean if you're a person that loves art or simple stuff.


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