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BioShock: The Collection

There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city.

Experience the unforgettable worlds and monumental stories of the award-winning BioShock series with BioShock: The Collection. Journey to the cities of Rapture and Columbia across BioShock Remastered, BioShock 2 Remastered, and BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition, including all single-player add-on content. Fight for your life and outsmart your enemies, be it deep beneath the waves or high above the clouds.

BioShock Remastered: Explore the undersea city of Rapture, a haven for society's greatest minds that has devolved into a dystopian nightmare wrought by one man's hubris.


The ranting thinking thread

So I've mentioned my brother being an anti-vaxxer. No COVID shot for him neither his sons because he believes covid shot can kill his older son for other medical reasons. His view was not supported by doctors but he chose not to consent vaccinating him.

Now kiddo's at hospital with heavy fever and respiratory issues...

A terrible situation. For the boy and for his father above all. He was genuinely afraid of the shot. He didn't mean harm for the kid and I can't stop thinking how he blames himself for it. Taking the blame, be it justified or not, is not helping.
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What Are You Thinking?

I'm amazed by the little one. We were at the local open daycare today (it's like a kindergarden but children go there with their caretakers, and it's free of charge) and it was her first time ever to see so many other kids, but she wasn't scared at all. We had so much fun there. Also, during a musical event, I recognized some songs from my own childhood kindergarden times -- and most importantly, she loves music so it was great to sing together :)

But anyway. I guess I don't have to worry about her social skills. Her father is an introvert and I'm just socially retarded so we've been thinking if we can do something to show her a better example.

What Are You Thinking?

Assassin's creed Unity's final boss fight felt like a high stakes game of Tag.

Going from AC Unity to Alan Wake Remastered is like night and day.

I hate that they didn't package the American Nightmare DLC in the PS remastered. Why deprive us of this magnificent prince?

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He better be in Alan Wake 2.
That reminds me of that I actually never finished Unity. Shame. I got a PC copy of that first but it didn't run quite well on the hardware I had back then. I played the story kinda far but didn't finish. Then I bought a PS4 version from a friend, and yeah it ran better, but I never got properly back into it.

Should give it another try some day... and when I say _some_ day I mean it. I have too much stuff I'd like to do. Lack of time forces me to do some heavy prioritizing. :/
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V Rising

It seems like sales have picked up of the game and it has gone from strength to strength, it has been reporting high concurrent players, high Twitch viewers and now over 1 million units sold in 7 days. It is the number 1 game on Steam at the moment and reviews still at a 'Very Positive' 88% rating which is nothing to be scoffed at for a title still in early access.


DMC5 Meme Thread

@BrawlMan some DmC subject is kinda sensitive for people that played this game and I don't understand a simpe joke or a meme can lead to drama (DmC vs DMC).
DmC meme welcome all kind of jokes but people must understand this jokes aren't serious.
You're always going to have people that never grow out of that phase of hating on someone for liking or disliking a game or movie and vice versa. At the end of the day, it's just some pathetic people with insecure egos that need validation for making the "right/correct" choice.

Elden Ring

To be 100% fair, more players doesn't necessarily mean more welcoming. Although, I do agree w/ you that it IS more welcoming. However, based on what I hear from vets, it's still more difficult than Dark Souls. For a house analogy, more welcoming to walk in the front door, but still offputting once you get past the living room.

This is only my 2nd FromSoft game, after Sekiro. I've been well aware of the Soulsborne games and other soulslikes for years. I avoided the genre for a variety of reasons that DON'T include the difficulty (but rather annoyance features that masquerade as "difficulty"). The only reason I got Sekiro was due to no stamina, no corpse running, a free res, etc. QOL stuff, really. The game was still hard af and I think even after the release of Elden Ring, still generally considered the most difficult FS game, truly being 100% skill-based since there are no RP elements to outgear or outlevel a boss/area.

Anyway, I'm fairly deep into it. 36 hours in, have downed 25 bosses (3 more I've left unbeaten) and am about to do back-to-back demigods. I'm really torn w/ how highly I view the game. It is an amazing game. I won't argue if someone gives it a 10, but I feel it is a 9 based on the principles of what I consider bad design. Things like enemies not following the same rules as you (they can target and attack you through walls and even in sanctuary rooms) and annoying things like any damage stopping your movement momentum (including a little ember of fire. But I get it, it has to be consistent, and a giant sword probably would stop your momentum). But it is just so engrossing, so interesting, and so generous (great description used by a buddy of mine), I sometimes feel it really does deserve a 10 from me.

I'm really eager to finish Elden Ring just so I can finally go backwards in games and play the DS trilogy.

I was talking to a friend and he said he wouldn't play it because Souls games are too hard but he loves the world. For me Elden Ring is kind of this happy median where the game is still really difficult, maybe even more so, but you can actually experience a lot of content just roaming the open world.

The argument for an easy mode in Souls has usually been that players are denied experiencing the art design and world if that's more what you are into. Well there's no Souls game that you can explore as much as Elden Ring without having to be very good at the game. I've played about 10 hours or so and I've barely defeated any significantly tough bosses. I'm still finding new things. It's also not that I can't take on the challenges but I honestly am just enjoying exploring more. It's very much reminding me of Breath of The Wild, a similarly tough game that is pretty open to letting you just explore at ease.

I really think it's welcoming to new players (I mean just look at the amount of people playing) without sacrificing the challenge people crave, and it's done in a way that isn't just a difficulty option. I think that's really cool.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring Unrestricted Co-op Mod

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For anyone disappointed in the co-op play restrictions in FromSoftwares hit title Elden Ring it seems a mod is on the way which could allow for a far more robust co-op experience. Its all thanks to the developer LukeYui, previously of Sekiro Online mod fame.

The mod will enter public beta on May 27th so keep an eye on the link below on that date for access.


V Rising


Many people might have thought that the survival game train would be slowing with introduction of Valheim but it seems another has entered the fray and proved to be extremely popular on Steam.

V Rising on paper did sound like a box ticking exercise with it being an early access, open world survival game with base-building and crafting, plus PvP and PvE as well as co-op and solo play. However a huge 500,000 players had purchased the game after a mere 3 days and it has just peaked at 150,645 concurrent players in the last 24 hours and its sitting at an impressive 87% Very Positive rating on Steam.


Awaken as a weakened vampire after centuries of slumber. Hunt for blood to regain your strength while hiding from the scorching sun to survive. Rebuild your castle and convert humans into your loyal servants in a quest to raise your vampire empire. Make allies or enemies online or play solo offline, fend off holy soldiers, and wage war in a world of conflict.

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What Are You Thinking?

We purposely let my sister's miniature human boy crawl up the stairs to tire him out.
I use a talking flamingo toy for this purpose. She engages into a conversation with it. Then the flamingo apparently says something rude because she lets out a shriek and starts tossing it around with all her strength. Which is... surprisingly lot.

If we give it to her at the right moment, she's ready to go to sleep in 15 minutes.
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