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Updates are done and I'm on vacation about 2 week to enjoy my break :geek:.

Stay safe everyone and "Heal your wounds, get strong" as Vergil says health is important in pandemic :coffee:.

Have fun :whistle:.
Hi, I Created a basic DMC5 HUD (Changed some DMC3 elements to 5), about my work....I must say all updates on are finished (Still must check if there is room for improvement).

Stay safe everyone & why......motivated :unsure:?
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The Improvement has been made to works I had on my PC :geek: but that doesn't mean my job is done I must update other works and check download links......so much work o_O but in good time to enjoy my job as a hobby :coffee:.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day :coffee:.
Hi, as I told you before I have destructive power :cool:, check your PM or DM box (forum) with name "HD" and you will like it :coffee:.
The concept behind of lite mod is:

▪︎Clean code: only works when you remove some unnecessary files but the code itself only make your work heavier (Checking my own Spaghetti Code :ROFL:).
Dark Prince
Dark Prince
▪︎Unnecessary files: by removing them you give your work better optimization (with clean code) and let do other part of your files handle by game (DmC) I mean no need putting those files when game already load them for you.


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