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Has anyone here ever successfully logged back into their Instagram account after losing the authenticator/backup codes?
When @Angel dosen't in mood but she hears a deep voice that want hand over her soul:
Login to view embedded media Baby I'm right here †
"Human, i want your soul" Deep mow
"Jack i'm not in the mood"
"Human, this is not a request, hand over the soul, now" Deep mow
"Alright alright, i'll give you some food"
(Comment written by anoni mato)
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Well........guess I should for now stick around with temp mail for keeping my account active until staff fix my account.
Dark Prince
Finally......I reclaim my account :love: (No hack) by some dark magic from staff :ROFL:.
But one of layers to make my account secure is still not work and I think it's relate to forum or google :confused: but having first layer (Normal password) strong to keep your account secure :unsure:.

Stay safe & check your email providers for any news maybe they changed something :coffee:.
Oh wow! Thank you for the beefy donation! Really blown away by the support as of late. It's really appreciated!
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I'm also just now seeing that the Premium and Supporter (2014) badges are not displaying properly... apologies! I'll look into that now.
Edit: Fixed!
No problem. Anything to keep the site open. It's not much but I guess it will help some.
It's all a big help and really appreciated. :cool:(y)
Hey Ryuuou! Thank you for your donation! Really appreciate all of the help with those server bills! :cool:
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Windows 7 to be presise. I should make my own os and browsers. I dont like the current development of software. It's all adjusted to the menace of new phones and devices. I prefer programs that DONT suggest anything at all or updates that goes automatically. Screw security. I need my pc to stop trying.
I survived on Linux Ubuntu for a month or so. Last time I could barely make one day but this time I have been looking around finding terminal commands and learning a few tricks. Now its time to go back to windows.
Dark Prince
@Ryuuou one word, win11 is unworthy opponent :mad: and if you have 10 home on laptop (I mean gaming) you're good to go and with stock system you can do endless things :geek:.
If you want win7 or other systems, you can try vmware player free version for personal use :cool:.

Have fun kid and stay safe :coffee:.
Login to view embedded media Beware of emperor cat and if you yank his fur he will punish you like a boss :ROFL: (I guess one of @Angel cats is emperor breed :sneaky:).
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That absolutely looks AND sounds like my Little Bean.

Am not speaking about the cat.
Dark Prince
The yanker spotted as actress in camera :ROFL: (@therogis I assume your baby is energetic :geek: and about your poor snake I assume not you but your baby wants a belt in future but until that day that poor thing gets old :ROFL:).
@Dark Prince our pet snake is old already :LOL: and yeah she IS energetic!! How can playing with a baby who does not yet walk make a human being so tired?
Crazy news: Yes I know but......I managed find another way to reduce my works size with clean code AGING :eek:, by creating a patch like file I mean if all of my works follow same pattern then you need download an additional file (Depends on what you need).
Let me know if this good improvement or should I not change my works, let me know your opinions :coffee:.


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