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Hi, can I ask you something? When a person in my Ignore List posted a thread which has the same content as a thread that I am going to post later, will it be okay for me to post my own thread, considering he/she is in my Ignore List?
*sigh* ... Ellias go to bed, dad will come soon.. i hope.. Come Lance
*goes to hers Bedroom*
*waves to lance*
Yeah like today, after computer lab, we were going to lunch but I ended up gathering up my book sack and things until someone told me it was lunch time. Well, we were divided up since most of the people went to D.C. and it totally screwed up my usual schedule
Oh no, I think you've maybe gotten it wrong. Chaos is not a bid deal in both. I just went for it and wrote: CHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS!!!!
But with different number's of some letters of course. But somehow I got the exact same number of exclamation marks this time. <.<

How ya doin'? Seen the FF news thread?
No worries.. I'm just mad at myself for wasting my time, and falling inlove with you... it was a big misstake... You never called.. Or answerd my letters...


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