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What Are You Thinking?

The "woke" critique that popped recently reminds me of the "Emo Dante" critique or my own "discount dante" critique of Nero.

All of them feel equally confusing and pointless in the longterm.

Ever since I became a writer and trying to figure out my own craft, I've started to reassess my own approach to fandom and critiquing.

It's navel gazing with purpose.

UMvC3 Color Palettes for Classic Dante

Based on the Color Palettes 2-6 from UMvC3


Sample for UMvC3

Color Palette #2

Color Palette #3

Color Palette #4

Color Palette #5

Color Palette #6

*MOD requires the DLC Costume Pack*

*Requires Texmod to run this mod*
Download Texmod here: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/texmod4

To install this mod:
1. Open TexMod
2. Run Texmod in "Package Mode"
3. Click on the big folder icon on Target Application (Top Left), hit browse, then select "DmC-DevilMayCry.exe" in the directory at Steam\steamapps\common\DmC Devil May Cry
4. Once you've selected the executable, click on the folder icon in the middle, hit browse, then click on the TPF files of your choice.
5. Press "Run" and your mods will load in-game.
6. Enjoy!

Image source:

1.1 Change Log
  • Fix to the hair color on Color Palette 2
  • Fix to the pants color on Color Palette 4

Download Link
Alternative Download Link

Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?

I've replayed this game over and over again, and only during my recent playthrough did I actually care enough to really put my time and energy into focusing on the story... Something I've rarely had to do in a game; especially since I focus mostly on story in games. So the fact that it took so much energy to do already didn't bode well for me.

After I played it and finally got into the story, I did like it, the ending with Nero was great, but overall? Meh. I'd still say DmC tops it.
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What Are You Thinking?

This character gave me ninja gaiden vibes while reading the "death of wolverine" story arc.

PS. Wolverine came back.

Dante outfit pops up in Megaman X

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Mega Man X gets a Dante themed power up.

Zero gets Vergil and I guess Axl will get a Nero one.

It's not the MegaMan/Devil May Cry crossover I wanted but I guess it counts.