Gamescom 2018: Check out 15 minutes of Nero’s campaign gameplay

Behind closed doors, accessible only to press, at Gamescom 2018, journalists were fortunate enough to sample a demo build of Devil May Cry 5‘s Nero campaign and record their gameplay. GameSpot were once such publication that were able to capture a hearty helping of in-game footage which showcases some of Nero’s new and improved combat capabilities and sees the young devil hunter face off against the Goliath boss monster as he visibly destroys the arena during battle and leaves little more than rubble and debris in his wake.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is a 5-minute video freeze at around 7 minutes into the footage, but playback does once again resume at around the 13-minute mark.

We’re still waiting for Capcom to show footage of Dante’s campaign and that of the mysterious third playable character’s campaign, but with Capcom not pulling any punches when it comes to showing off their work on DMC5, it’s possible that we might be treated to as much in the near future.

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