DMC5 to include the ‘best things’ of classic DMC series and DmC spin-off; Dan Southworth rumoured to return to voice Vergil

In a recent interview with VG247, Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walker reveals that lessons were learned during the development and release of DmC: Devil May Cry, for both Capcom and Ninja Theory. And while DMC5 may be returning to the series’ roots with his character, director Hideaki Itsuno still considers DmC to be ‘just as important’ as other entries in the franchise, and has applied much of what he and the teams have learned back into DMC5. However, Walker has expressed that those familiar with the combat mechanics of DMC5 will expand on the ‘combat philosophies’ of the classic games, inferring that the jump from, for instance, the control style of DMC4 to DMC5 will be a relatively seamless one.

And while this rumour has been circulating since even before the official DMC5 reveal, and recently with fans ardently <a href=””>dissecting the announcement trailer</a>, there now appears to be more weight behind the supposed inclusion of series fan favourite Vergil. The Daily Star posits that not only will Vergil return in DMC5 in one form or another, but that voice actor Dan Southworth will once more return to reprise the role — a role that defined Vergil as the chillingly charismatic human-demon hybrid that fans first fell in love with back in 2005’s Devil May Cry: Dante’s Awakening. Southworth has not yet publicly confirmed or rejected his involvement with DMC5, but it would appear that his silence alone has been enough for fan speculation to reach fever pitch.

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