Enjoy some key art and 4K screenshots from the Devil May Cry 5 announcement trailer

Hot on the heels of the Devil May Cry 5 announcement trailer comes the first wave of key art and glorious 4K screenshots.

In one of the key art shots we are greeted to a stunning cinematic shot of Nero, Dante and a mysterious third character in a sleeveless, full-length character that is speculated to serve as Devil May Cry 5‘s third playable character. This faceless figure has not yet been revealed by Capcom as yet, but there is talk amongst fans that he may perhaps be a lost Son of Sparda.

It is in these screenshots and artwork pieces that we’re provided a better introduction to Nero’s new ‘partner’, Nico — the tattooed Devil Arm dealer whom fans have noted bears a striking similarity to Devil May Cry 4 antagonist. Such a theory does lend well to her competency with designing and manufacturing Devil Arms.

Nero’s new mechanical arm — a replacement for his severed demonic arm — is featured much more prominently in these shots, further highlighting his partner’s Nico resourceful when it comes to outfitting our heroes with unique Devil Arm.

Dante once more steals the spotlight with his ‘returned of hell’ visage, stubbled and unkept, but still the recognisable demon slayer we know and love. It’s also possible that the screenshot showcasing the wickedly bloodied hellion may be Dante in his Devil Trigger state, if the striking red palette is anything to go by.


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