No joke: Free Bloody Palace DLC coming to DMC5 on April Fools Day

A generous helping of Bloody Palace is a staple of any true Devil May Cry fan’s diet. The devilishly difficult combat area has appeared in virtually all entries in the series, and has always served as the ultimate opportunity to test one’s demon slaying skills and perseverance. And while Devil May Cry 5 did not initially launch with a Bloody Palace mode, Capcom have confirmed that it is very much coming to all gaming platforms and at no additional cost.

Set to arrive as a free DLC update on April 1, 2019 — and Capcom are insisting this is not a prank of any kind — the Bloody Palace survival mode will allow gamers to test their mettle against wave after wave of increasingly difficult and hellish enemies and bosses, as they race against the clock to climb the ranks and dominate the global leaderboards with a stylish high score. Players are free to try their luck against the hordes of evil with either Dante, Nero or V, but rumours and curious data-mined findings suggest the inclusion of a fourth playable character…

Sharpen those blades, buff those ‘Bringers, and wax those canes — Bloody Palace mode is set to bring a whole new challenge to Devil May Cry 5.

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