DMC5 trailer showcases V’s summoning powers; playable demo available on Xbox One now; free Bloody Palace DLC available in April 2019

Available on both Xbox One and Xbox One X right now, the freshly launched Devil May Cry 5 playable demo is ready for series fans and newcomers alike to sink their teeth into Capcom’s latest iteration of the demon-slaying action franchise.

Plays will have the chance to dive into the shoes of Nero, one of the three known playable heroes in the full game, and be tasked with cleaning up the streets of Red Grave City as demons run amok and evil spreads. Nero will once more bring his trusty Red Queen sword and Blue Rose hand cannon along for the fight, along with new combat opportunities provided via the new Devil Breaker mechanic.

A brand new ‘main trailer’ was also unveiled during the recent 
Game Awards in Los Angeles event, providing a fresh look at V’s persona and combat skills. In the trailer we are able to witness V’s demon slaying prowess as he summons demons of varying stature to dispatch his enemies.

Capcom have also made clear the fact that Bloody Palace will be arriving as a free DLC update for all Devil May Cry 5 players in April 2019. It would appear that as part of the game’s new ‘Cameo’ feature that there will be a pseudo-multiplayer option available that will allow gamers the chance to appear in friend’s story mode and Bloody Palace games and even ‘join in the battle’ at select moments.

Devil May Cry 5 is due for release on March 8, 2019 on all major platforms.

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