Guerilla-style DMC5 gameplay videos showcase Faust Hat, Balrog and returning Cerberus Devil Arms

Dante has always been a character whom favours style over substance, and nothing could demonstrate this better than the trio of leaked gameplay videos that have emerged online. In the three videos we’re provided with a glimpse of Dante’s proficiency with perhaps the most unconventional Devil Arm weapon to grace the series yet: the Faust Hat — a ‘weapon’ that once adorned the head of the giant, floating Faust enemies seen in Devil May Cry 4. But it would seem that old is more again new as the fan favourite Devil Arm, Cerberus, returns once more to help Dante further show off his nunchuck-swinging skills. The third video provides a better look at the Balrog Devil Arms, which appear to be a souped-up variant of the Beowulf gauntlet and boot set — another returning Devil Arm from Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening.

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