PlayStation Store listing reveals support for 2-3 player online multiplayer in Devil May Cry 5

Capcom treated fans to a wealth of salivating new media assets courtesy of today’s Tokyo Game Show event, but it seems that it’s Sony that will be the one to really get tongues wagging after what appears to be a premature feature revealing on the official PlayStation Store product listing page for Devil May Cry 5.

In the listing, which at the time of this writing has not yet been revised or redacted, it is explicitly stated that Devil May Cry 5 will — for the Sony PlayStation 4 at least — feature online multiplayer functionality and provide support for up to 2-3 simultaneous players with active PlayStation Plus memberships. Capcom has not officially announced the inclusion of a multiplayer component in Devil May Cry 5, so it is very likely a result of miscommunication between Capcom and Sony that this feature was included on the product listing ahead of Capcom’s official announcement.

The PlayStation store product page does not specify what sort of ‘online play’ will be available in Devil May Cry 5, but it is possible that if such functionality does make its way into the game, it may entail a possible 2-3 player co-op option in the inevitable Bloody Palace mode, a mode which is not too dissimilar to ‘Horde’-style player-vs-enemy multiplayer modes available in titles  from the Gears of War and Halo series. We’ll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed that multiplayer support makes its way into the story mode, too, with players being able to assume the roles of Dante, Nero and V, respectively, as they take on the horrors of Redgrave City.

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