DMC5 bursts out of TGS with new Dante gameplay, ‘V’ official introduction, and Deluxe Edition details

Time to Mega Buster some heads.

Just as game designer Hideaki Itsuno promised in a tweet posted yesterday, the Tokyo Games Show saw the unleashing of a wealth of new information and media for Capcom’s long-awaited Devil May Cry 5. And whereas many fans were initially hoping for a new trailer, Capcom has delivered and then some.

The Devil May Cry 5 media blitz begins with the trailer that many were asking for, that of Dante kicking butt and showing off some new combat mechanics. In the trailer below we see the return of the wickedly cool Style system — first introduced in Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening — and a hint of Dante’s revised Devil Arms arsenal in action. Returning characters Trish and Lady also make an appearance as they charge into battle with Dante, perhaps suggesting that Dante’s campaign may feature some form of team-based gameplay. And of course, the third playable character ‘V’ is officially announced and introduces himself through poetic verse as Dante’s latest client.

Hot on the heels of the new trailer came a barrage of new high-resolution screenshots to salivate over, providing a glimpse as to what level of gravity-defying manoeuvres Dante can pull off as he wields his ginormous Sparda sword and flaming Balrog gauntlets — what appears to be a major upgrade to the Beowulf Devil Arm.

For the hardcore Devil May Cry fans looking to up their game, Capcom has also unveiled the Devil May Cry 5 Deluxe Edition which includes some very interesting additions and bonuses:

For Nero’s campaign, gamers will be able to utilise four unique ‘Devil Breaker’ arm attachments: Mega Buster, Gerbera GP-01, Sweet Surrender and Pasta Breaker. Mega Man veterans will no doubt recognise the Mega Buster and will likely be intrigued to see how Nero fairs with the blue bomber’s weapon of choice. Thankfully, Capcom saw fit to make a trailer to demonstrate:

Dante will receive a little extra love to in the guise of a souped-up ‘Cavaliere R’ motorcycle melee weapon, and the inclusion of an extended classic-themed soundtrack featuring battle themes from Devil May Cry 1-4 is most welcome, also.

Devil May Cry 5 is due for release on MArch 8, 2019 on all major platforms.

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